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Walther PDP Full Size Steel Frame Match OR

Artikelnr: Walther PDP Steel Frame Match OR

Walther PDP Full Size Steel Frame Match 5" OR

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Step into a new dimension of firearms excellence with the Walther PDP Match Steel Frame — a masterpiece meticulously designed to shatter performance boundaries and redefine accuracy. The precision-machined steel frame guarantees the PDP Match's ability to endure the harshest conditions, emerging as a steadfast companion for countless years of extensive use. The substantial weight of the steel frame is a game-changer, significantly taming recoil and delivering a level of smoothness in every shot that's second to none. Whether you're engaging in rapid-fire sequences or demanding precision shooting, the steel frame's weight contributes to unwavering stability, granting you the control needed for consistently superior results.
The PDP Match Steel Frame reaches the absolute zenith of performance. Like its polymer counterpart, this 9 mm marvel boasts a 20-round capacity, a 5" barrel, and optics-ready versatility, but it brings forth the unparalleled benefits of a steel frame, combined with a suite of performance-enhancing features.

  • Dynamic Performance Trigger: Experience a trigger pull like never before, smooth and consistent, enhancing your accuracy and shot placement.
  • Performance Duty Texture: The grip is engineered to provide a secure, non-slip hold in any condition, allowing you to maintain control, even in the most demanding situations.
  • Optics Mounting: The optics-ready design ensures you can customize your sighting system, optimizing your aim and target acquisition.
  • Enhanced Magwell and Larger Magazine Capacity: The magwell and basepads streamline magazine changes, ensuring swift, reliable, and precise reloading. Two (2) 20-round capacity and one (1) 18-round capacity magazines included.
  • Wrap-Around Grips: The ergonomic wrap-around grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing your ability to stay on target, shot after shot.
  • Steel Frame: The weight of the frame significantly tames recoil and delivers a level of smoothness in every shot, competitively or not.
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Walther PDP Full Size Steel Frame Match OR

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