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H&K USP Expert

Artikelnr: H&K USP Expert

H&K USP Expert

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USP Expert | One of the world's best target pistols

The USP Expert was developed especially for target shooters. Clarification of the performance specifications and prototype trials were carried out in close cooperation with national and international renowned target shooters. The result is a target pistol with universal application for most of the large bore disciplines of BDS, DSB as well as other unions. With this target pistol, HK meets requirements of the world elite. In addition to the USP standard features, the EXPERT has specific features which make it what it is: One of the world’s best target pistols.


  • Long sight radius > Approx. 190 mm
  • Adjustable LPA micrometer rear sight recessed into the slide
  • High intrinsic accuracy due to locking system hand fitted to the particular pistol plus o-ring minimizing barrel play
  • Optimum grip angle - both for rapid and precise firing
  • Highest possible functional reliability and service life due to intelligent design
  • Cold-forged barrel made of high strength special steel with polygon profile
  • High strength glass fiber reinforced polyamide frame with stainless steel inserts
  • Optimised balance exploiting the maximum dimensions permissible acc. to target shooting guidelines
  • Target trigger with adjustable trigger stop

USP Expert | 9 mm x 19

  •  Ideal for shooters practising both the DSB disciplines and practical shooting
  •  Increased magazine capacity of 18 cartridges
  • Standard jet funnel to increase hand gripping surface and for quicker magazine changes
  • Low ammunition price
  • Conversion kits available for caliber .40 S & W and to convert into USP standard version

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H&K USP Expert

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