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M1A Government

M1A Government .308Win

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Model 4 vergunning
7,62N / .308Win / 7,62x51

10-schot afneembaar magazijn (20-schot verkrijgbaar mits attest federatie)
Regelbaar dioptervizier
Walnoot houten kolf
Handafgewerkt en geproduceerd
Riembeugels voor montage geweerriem
Mogelijk te laden met clips
Opklapbare schoudersteun
Kolf met opslagcompartiment
de M1A is de civiele versie van de M14, het wapenmodel met veel historie van het Amerikaanse leger na WO2
Montagerails voor monteren optiek, andere kolven en tal van accessoires voor verkrijgbaar.

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After World War II, the engineers at the US Government’s Springfield Armory set about designing a replacement for the M1 Garand. In 1959, the US military adopted the resultant M14. The rugged reliability of the M14 coupled with its formidable 7.62×51 NATO cartridge left an enduring impression on America’s fighting forces despite its relatively short tenure. When it was replaced in 1970, the stage was set for the next step in its history.

In 1974, the Reese family ensured that the legacy of the M14 would live on. Springfield Armory® in Geneseo, Illinois began offering a civilian legal semi-automatic version known as the M1A™. Powerful, accurate and reliable, M1A™’s were soon found dominating the National Matches at Camp Perry. Shooters across the country discovered the versatility and enjoyable satisfaction of owning an M1A™.

Today, the M1A™ is firmly established as a platform that can handle any mission, any condition, any foe at any range. M1A™’s are found in national competitions, in the hands of operators on elite tactical teams, and in the back country hunting big game. And although the M14 is no longer the service rifle of the US military, it still sees action as a designated marksman rifle and as a sniper rifle.

Whether you want a SOCOM for close quarters use or a Super Match to bring home first place, the M1A™ can do the job. Bring Enough Gun™. Bring the Springfield Armory® M1A™.

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Dit product is enkel en alleen verkrijgbaar in onze fysieke winkel te Zottegem. Dit na voorlegging van de Id-kaart en de vergunning model 4.

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M1A Government

(Lallemand )
Bonjour j’aurais souhaité savoir si il était toujours disponible et si oui peut-on avoir plus de photos s’agit-il de la version match ou de la version standard.

Bien à vous.

Lallemand Anthony

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